Saturday, October 07, 2017

What About Italian? Maintenance Mode

Today is an Italian Marathon Day. My plan was to bring up to speed all the Duolingo Italian modules, which have fallen abysmally low due to neglect on my part. It's time to rectify this as part of my Italian maintenance program.

At about 1 PM, I started off with everything you could see below, which is so colorful and nice to look at, but also means A LOT of work to be done to "strengthen" them again.

At 3:10 PM, I managed to complete Section 1. At 4:39 PM, I completed Section 2. My XP has shot up the roof to 530 XP as a result from completing all the modules for the two sections! What this means is for today I have done approximately 53 strengthening exercises for both Swedish and Italian  (10 XP per exercise).

I then took a short nap and decided to do an Udemy course on Swedish pronunciation; therefore, giving Duolingo a rest. I completed the 1.5 hour course and was awarded the Certificate of Completion!

At about 10 PM, I didn't quite make it to complete the whole of Section 3 and only managed up to the module "Determiners"—I will complete the remaining 10 modules tomorrow. I'm exhausted and all Duo-ed out.

Here's where I stand at the end of the day for my Italian Marathon Day...