Saturday, October 14, 2017

Italian Maintenance Mode (Part II)

Last Saturday, I talked about my Italian Marathon Day. The plan was to bring up to speed all the Duolingo Italian modules within the same day as part of my Italian maintenance program.

However, I didn't succeed in doing so, so I spread out the remaining work throughout the following week (8 through 16 October). I started off with what you can see below.

Then, I managed to complete only up until the module "Determiners" and by that time at night on 7 October, I was exhausted and all Duo-ed out.

So today, I've caught up in all the remaining modules for Section 3. All the icons have turned wonderfully warm and orange.

My last hurdle is to complete the fourth and final section as depicted below. And then I will "graduate" from the Duolingo Italian course!