Sunday, October 15, 2017

Duolingo Report Card

Hej, hej! I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. It's time to report on the progress of my Duolingo Swedish. I'm on a 37-day streak!

I have been quite busy catching up with Duolingo. This week, I created two Duolingo groups: Swedish in Singapore and Italian in Singapore. Both groups have 15 and 6 members respectively. Since then, it has been quite intense for me because I have some REALLY active members who seem to be hell-bent on overtaking me! That keeps me on my toes if I want to keep my #1 position!

This is the XP chart for Saturday (340 XP). I had to do more than 30+ sub-modules in order to catch up and overtake two of my most hardworking members, Natasha and Stefan, for Swedish, and Matheus Lanzarini for Italian.

And... this is the XP chart for today, Sunday (200 XP).

In summary, lots of healthy language competition is happening! It's always more fun doing it with fellow learners and growing together in fluency.