Tuesday, June 06, 2017

My Daily Swedish Study Schedule (And, Happy National Day, Sweden!)

In celebration of the National Day of Sweden, I've put some—well, actually A LOT OF—thoughts into my Swedish self-study schedule. I would love to be able to do deep-focus study every day but I know my limitation, so I will not be too ambitious and stress myself out.

The plan I've come up with to ensure that I have daily exposure to the language looks like this:
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Swedish book + DLA
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: DLA
  • Sunday: Research Day + DLA
    (DLA = Daily Language Activities (Duolingo, Babbel, and SwedishPod101 video/audio)
The Swedish book I'm currently using to study the language is a used book I bought at BetterWorldBooks.com. Here's why I like the book. My DLA is always done before bedtime.

COLLOQUIAL SWEDISH, by Philip Holmes and Gunilla Serin
(ISBN: 978415028035)