Monday, June 05, 2017

Language Apps

I love listening to Olly Richards' podcast, I Will Teach You A Language (IWTYAL). One of the episodes that's of special interest to me is IWTYAL 191: Do you use apps for language learning?

I'm a big fan of language apps. My partner, Teddybjörn, will be able to confirm that because he's seen me revising or reinforcing my Swedish lessons using Duolingo. I love Duolingo, by the way.

The main point Olly highlighted in the podcast episode is...
The criteria for judging an app should be: “Does it help me do more efficiently something I was already doing?”
This is a great point because the role of technology in language learning should be to help us  consume learning material more efficiently. That means nothing will replace a good old book, pen or pencil, and I totally agree. I love learning the traditional way and exploring new ways to complement the deep focus learning. In a post I wrote in February 2015, I shared my "formula" and I hope it'd be of use to you.

In closing, I use a few apps regularly: Duolingo, Babbel, and SwedishPod101.