Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Routledge Colloquial Swedish

 Colloquial Swedish

I'm really enjoying my Swedish language studies with this book. The book cover you see in this post is not the one I'm using for my study. I bought mine used at BetterWorldBooks.com (ISBN: 978415028035, 1990).

I appreciated the practical tips for learners where the book progressively outlined step-by-step on pronunciation such as "some final consonants are dropped" so words such as "vad" is "va," "det" is "de," "är" becomes "e," and "och" becomes "å". It then goes on to give an example of how that would sound like in a sentence: "Det är en smörgås." (pron. Deensmörrgåss for "It is a sandwich.").

So far, I've attempted all the exercises in Lektion Ett (Lesson One). They looked simple but there's power in simplicity! For example, translate into Swedish: Is it a pear? What is it? Has she got an apple? OR make these statements into yes/no questions: De studerar. Hon kommer. Ni har ett päron. These drills or exercises reinforces the patterns and structure; for example, short answers is constructed in this form: Ja/Nej, det + verb + subject pronoun (+ negative), so "Yes, it is" is "Ja, det är det." OR in the negative form  "Ja, det är det inte."

I'll definitely continue to use Colloquial Swedish in conjunction with all my other materials for Swedish such as Babbel, Duolingo, SwedishPod.101, and my beloved Simon's Cat Notebook. Now, back to my studies!