Sunday, December 18, 2016

WHERE DO THEY GO? (PART ONE), by B.D Donaldson

 Paperback: 30 pages
Author: B.D Donaldson
Publisher: Tellwell (October 11, 2016)
ISBN: 9781773022437 (Paperback); 9781773022444 (Hardcover)

Where Do They Go? is the first to be released in three-part series of a children's book. This is not the first time I'm reading a story about socks. I can't say that I like Where Do They Go or dislike it. It's one of those stories I felt rather indifferent towards.

This is a very short part one of the story beginning with Mrs. Williams, Jayden and Naleaha's mother, who discovers one lone sock among the pairs in her washing machine. The next few pages of the  very short book continues with the children's attempt to find out what is happening. Is it a monster that has been having a go at their socks?

A screenshot from my iPhone Kindle Reader.
A screenshot from my iPhone Kindle Reader. The text is quite hard to read on the app.

I need to test this out on kids for their reaction. To me, the illustrations look rather "stiff" but they're okay. Many readers (parents and their children), however, seemed to like the pictures from what I can see of their reviews on, so maybe it's just me. The story has no ending and as the other two parts are coming out in 2017; I will see how the story flows.

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Back Cover Blurb:
It’s been said the average person loses over two thousand dollars of socks in their lives. Naleaha and Jaylen are about to find out first hand WHERE DO THEY GO and who is responsible for their missing socks.

Where Do They Go is a beautifully illustrated 3 part children's book series created by B.D Donaldson to captivate the minds of young audiences all over the world

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A note of appreciation:
I would like to thank the author, Barry Donaldson, for contacting me and giving me the opportunity to read and review Where Do They Go?