Sunday, December 25, 2016

Kindle Housekeeping with "Collections"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What a wonderful time of the year to be stuffing myself with food and spending time with my family. I also have spare time to poke around with my personal library and this time I decided to do some Kindle housekeeping. When my Kindle Paperwhite arrives (very soon), I will already have an organized digital library! I own a Kindle 2nd Generation, which I'm about to put into retirement with the arrival of the Paperwhite...

Screenshot of my Kindle Reader for iPhone. All my books have been organized into "Collections"!

It's super easy to organize my e-books into Collections. I used my iPhone Kindle app and by logging in to my account on I am able to sort with ease all my "books" (bought on and "docs" (other e-books of MOBI format uploaded into the app). I also found that I'll be able to download all the books in a particular "Collection" if that's what I want to do—very useful!

I used to feel overwhelmed by the number of books on my Kindle, but not anymore! The Collections function is now so much easier to use. If I want to know what I have for French, for example, I can just click on my "Language: French" folder and see everything that I have there. I could use the "Search" function but preferred a more organized approach.

Happy reading!