Saturday, November 26, 2016

World Vision Sponsored Child Visit in Myanmar

Earlier this month, in the first week of November, I went to Pyapon in Myanmar to visit my sponsored child organized by World Vision Malaysia. It was one of the most amazing and fulfilling experiences in my life.

My boy, TZ, is 11 years old and in this picture, he's with his beautiful mother. He's such a dashing young man and also very intelligent. He wants to be a teacher and headmaster when he grows up. He's also a very good storyteller. The interpreter was laughing so hard when she tried to translate what was said into English. I asked him whether he read "The Four Foolish Men" (the title of his story) from a book or was it his own story, and he said he created it on the spot for me.

I told TZ I will be learning Burmese and writing to him in the language. My textbook, phrasebook and dictionary ordered from have all arrived! 

I will be sharing more about this trip very, very soon. Meanwhile, do check out World Vision Malaysia, and perhaps, sponsor a child (or two) too!
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