Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm Learning Swedish!

I started learning Swedish in October this year and am actively using Duolingo as one of my study materials. I'll be jotting my progress as I go along (scroll down, please). I'm progressing really well and here's what Duolingo has to say...

This is a screenshot from my iPad on 29 Nov showing my fourth day streak (see orange flame on the top, left-hand corner of the pic). I'm playing the "Double or Nothing" which is an attempt to double my five lingot wager by maintaining a seven day streak.

My fluency according to Duolingo
1%: 24 November 2016
2%: 29 November 2016
3%: 29 November 2016 be continued.

Updated @ 26 December 2016: Epic fail. I managed to maintain a five-day streak until I absent-mindedly forgotten to play as I was getting ready to go for my vacation. I will have to restart...