Wednesday, August 10, 2016


A year ago, I started reading the Egypt Series by Wilbur Smith beginning with River God. I loved it to bits. Today, I restarted The Seventh Scroll, which in the past 360 days I'd read, then stopped, then attempted to start again, but stopped. I find it hard to get into the story because it's set in the modern days. I wanted more of Taita but what I'm getting instead, is the beautiful Egyptologist Royan Al Simma and a daring man Sir Nicholas Quenton-Harper who joins her hunt for Pharaoh Mamose's tomb based on Taita's account.

Stopped a year ago at 49% of the novel, I very quickly caught up to 62% and it is my mission to finish reading it instead of chucking it completely. The thought to abandon this book came up so many times but I refused to yield. I suppose I will continue with this treasure hunt-themed book.

Have you read this series (or this book)? Do you like it?