Sunday, November 15, 2015

Updates from Singapore: Settling In

So in September this year I received the great news that I will be transferred to Singapore for my new role. Well, it's not exactly a new role, but an expanded one with a different client (Microsoft!), so I'm REALLY excited about it.

It has been a crazy busy time for the past few weeks managing my new work (and the old one because I'm still helping with the transition), and of course getting myself settled down in a new country. In this case, thank goodness it's Singapore because everything then becomes super easy. Singapore is amazingly easy to navigate and dealing with all the government agencies was pain-free.

In the frantic-ness of dealing with everything that came my way, I have not been documenting the process but here's a summary version of what has happened:

Employment Pass (EP) — Checked! This was handled by my employer, so all I needed to do was to show up at the Ministry of Manpower and finalize everything else such as registration and finger printing. The whole process took approximately four weeks. Everything else (see below) is dependent on this EP, so...
Local Mobile Phone — Checked!
Bank Account — Checked! I love, love, LOVE the service rendered by the bank. Superb customer service by great staff.
Housing — Checked! I managed to secure a nice one-bedroom apartment and my real estate agent is a joy to work with.
Library Membership — Checked! I'm loving the National Library!
Changi Rewards — Checked! I'll be spending a lot of time at the airport, so it's only wise to sign up for this membership.
Transportation — Checked! My iPhone is now loaded with all the useful apps such as SMRTConnect, SBS Transit (iris), How2Go, and various taxi apps by SMRT, Comfort, GrabCar, and Uber. I've got my EZ-Link card too, which is a really nice card to have  because besides using it for the MRT and buses, I paid for my library membership with it.  

I'm blending right in! More updates on my Singapore adventures coming your way.