Monday, November 16, 2015

Currently Reading: British Language & Culture

British Language & Culture is a hilarious read. I borrowed this book from the National Library in Singapore and have been thoroughly enjoying it. For example,

'It's all gone pear-shaped.' The thing to say when things go terribly wrong.

'Steve's having a whizz in the crapper.' But one is to use this with caution according to LP. Whizz (or piss or slash) means urinate, and crapper (or bog or lav) means toilet. Now replace Steve with whatever name you have in mind and here's where it gets funny (at least to me, it is).

The Brits are a complicated lot. And very interesting too. Almost anything they say is opposite of what they meant. Here's another example,

'With all due respect...' actually means 'I have no respect for your view.' See what I mean?

I'm now on page 45. The other sections in the book are:
{ A Short History of British }
{ Speaking British English }
{ Living Life – the British Way }
{ Eating, Drinking & Making Merry }
{ Sport & Entertainment }
{ Slang & Misunderstanding }
{ Regional Variations }
{ Regional Languages }

What are you currently reading?