Friday, November 13, 2015

5-Bullet Friday

It's been a while and I've been away sorting out my relocation to Singapore. Yes, I'm moving country!

So I finally have some breathing space and remembered that I have a blog. I started blogging for about 10 years now (started in 2005), gained lots of new bookish blogger friends (because I blog a lot about books), and then I became inactive because of my work (this started like five years ago).

Today, I checked my inbox and saw Tim Ferriss' email titled 5-Bullet Friday. I decided to shamelessly copy him (I'm so inspired!). This weekly dose of “5-Bullet Friday” thing according to Tim is a list of what he's enjoying or pondering. So, here's mine:

Music I'm relaxing toIU - Glasses (안경) (Thank you, Sarah R. for posting this on your Facebook; and that's how I got to know about this cute song.)
Best podcast episode I found this week — I only started listening to podcast this week and the first one I've enjoyed was Leo Laporte's TWiT (This Week in Tech). This week's episode 535 features guests Om Malik, Ben Thompson, and Steve Kovach and it's about transforming journalism, Amazon brick and mortar, Comcast caps, and more. I must thank Simon P. for his influence on all things podcasty.
What I’m watching (short video) Otto the bulldog sets a Guinness World Records by skateboarding through a human tunnel of 30 people. Otto is so handsome and what a skater dude!
Something saving me time — I’ve gotta give more thoughts to this one. I promise I'll have something to say next week.
Quote that has influenced my mindset “Most people assume that meditation is about stopping thoughts, getting rid of emotions, somehow controlling the mind. But actually, it's about stepping back, seeing the thought clearly, witnessing it coming and going.” -ANDY PUDDICOM