Sunday, October 04, 2015

Follow Your Questions

I was reading an article on about 24 Daily Habits that Will Boost Your Intelligence and the point on “Follow your questions” (see item 2) has triggered me to give it a little more thought. So, what is follow your questions?

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I would say it is the idea of being curious and follow your curiosity. You’ll never know where it’ll lead you but you can almost always be surprised by how awesome that discovery will be. Follow the trail.

Personally I love burning questions that lead me to deeper questions. Pondering on them and the uncertainties can be mentally exhausting but also satisfying. To me, the sense of accomplishment when I found the answers which then leads me to potentially more questions is very appealing.

The idea of questioning the situation or material was not easy for me when I was younger, and it is something I took lots of practice with for it to become a second nature to me. I used to be really obedient in school, and although I had many questions I seldom ask but just accepted what was being taught. But then as a mature adult, I starting asking.

We can all do this by questioning the situation or material. Ask: What's really going on here or why does this resonate with me? Why does it matter? How does this help others? Does it make sense? Is there something more to it than what has been explicitly said or what might I be missing? If I’m reading a book, who is the author (for example, I research the authors and examine their social media presence)?

Questions are the basis for learning. The process of slow, curious investigation is a good foundation to personal growth, so do not fear those questions or curiosity!