Saturday, August 29, 2015

My (Third) Coloring Project: Crazy Camper Van

"It [coloring] engages both sides of your brain in that it’s both creative and tactical."
—Psychologist Alice Domar, Ph.D., executive director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health

There are a few things that are close to my heart: reading, traveling and studying languages. I have forgotten about my love for coloring. When I was a wee kid in primary school, I loved participating in coloring contests. I buy magazines with my pocket money and the first thing I did was flip the mag to the contest page and started coloring. I then passed up the finished product to my mom neatly sealed in an envelope for her help to post it. I also checked carefully that my personal particulars on the contest form were error-free. Meticulousness is a habit I cultivated from young.

Just how did I reconnect childhood coloring with adult-coloring that coincidentally seems to be the craze lately? I don't have a good answer for that but I can assure you there is a time and season for everything. Coloring is a beautiful hobby. Most of the articles on adult coloring talk about coloring as a stress-relief thing. For me, I have a love affair with paper and pen for the longest time, and now pencils.

Seeing a black-and-white page transform into a colorful one with your dash of style and quirkiness is a fulfilling and very satisfying feeling. So coming back to the quote by Alice Domar, Ph.D. right at the top of this post, the creativity comes with envisioning the color selection and how it will play throughout the piece, while the tactical involves applying your decisions to the artist’s design. With that, I am now ready for my next (third) project. See all my coloring activities here!

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