Saturday, August 01, 2015

An Afternoon of Coloring at The Little Art House (LAH), Lorong Macalister, Penang

I came to know about The Little Art House (check out their Facebook page here) from a friend (let's call him Simon P.) who sent me information about the launch of the Penang Colouring Book in conjunction with the 2015 George Town Festival in, well, Penang...

I love coloring. Although the last time I did any coloring was when I was a kid, I still love this activity very much. I recently bought a coloring book at Borders called Colour with Mum. It's a great quality, drawing-board sort of book that costs me about RM52.

Coming back to LAH, it's tucked in a quiet street of Lorong Macalister in Penang. I didn't have any problem finding it. Google Maps always work wonders for me...

I've arrived!

It's a really cool place.
I bought three copies of the coloring books (updated on 7 August 2015: bought one more as a gift for a dear friend).

The whole book is in black and white. You can buy the Penang Coloring Book at The Little Art House, 90a Lorong Macalister, George Town, Penang, Malaysia (email: RM20 per copy.

I was the only person there when I arrived in the early afternoon and then a few more trickled in, but they didn't stay. I decided to stay for the afternoon, and guess what I did? COLORING, of course! It's also awesome to meet TWO Lucy's in one afternoon: Lusy who runs LAH and Lucie who is a backpacker. You'll meet them in a bit...

I settled down; ready to work (or play).

And then Lucie, a backpacker, joined in the fun too! (That's me on the right with the striped top.)

An hour later: The "product" of our play! Follow my progress here.
(Completed on 11 August 2015)

While we were busy at work, Lusy drew us! How cool is that? *GRIN*

Hello, my name is Lusy. And I just drew these girls making art!

Here are the activities lined up by the We Are Artists at The Little Art House for the George Town Festival. I'm currently working on the postcard drawing for the Alice & Lusy Exhibit. Must send that in soon...

Updated on 13 August 2015: Many thanks to The Little Art House for sharing my post on their Facebook! I really appreciated it.

Thank you Alice for this great write up about your afternoon in the Little Art House... it was so lovely to meet you and...
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