Monday, July 20, 2015

Completed My Fifth MBA Module: Marketing Management

I've completed my fifth module, Marketing Management, a few weeks ago. I realized I haven't written about my experience for this module. Dr. Shankar was a great lecturer, and I'm happy to say he's the best and most engaging in this program. I have also enjoyed writing the assignment!

The books I picked out from my personal library for the study of this module

My current and sixth module is Managing Operations. The day to write the thesis is drawing near. My successful completion of two more modules and the thesis will determine if I graduate or not by middle of next year. I would like to graduate in Paris and once again, restart my annual traveling plans. I can't wait to go back to Italy!

P/S: Here's another great piece of news: My ScholarVox eLibrary access is finally ready! My AMA (American Management Association) membership is also in effect now. Many thanks to Mr. Sridharan from Olympia College Penang for all the help he has extended!