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Please join me in welcoming author Jessica Tudos to Hello, My Name Is Alice!

Guest Post: FLIP approach to achieving success

One of the most surprising things about being the author of Kika the Upside-Down Girl has been my newfound sense of urgency around empowering people to get, and stay, in shape and live active creative lives. As Kika demonstrates through her dedication to living upside down while the rest of the word is pressuring her to stay right side up, one of my biggest discoveries has been the importance of encouraging healthy living in people of ALL ages, not just the kids who read Kika the Upside-Down Girl.

Perhaps due to the fact that I’ve spent over 10,000 hours upside-down training to be an Olympic gymnast, people often ask me what it takes to be really good at something and find the confidence and courage to do so. As an experiential educator with over 20 years actively working in the field, I figured it would be worth finding out. The result has been the creation of The FLIP Approach, a 4-step process to achieving success based on Kika’s story and my own adventure. It’s an easy to follow approach that anyone can follow

F = FIRST: First, there must be passion. When we inherently like what we are doing, we often succeed. Questions to ask, “What fuels my optimism, energy and ability to move forward?”

L = LAST: Think about your end goal, the result you desire after action has taken place

The question here is, “What does success, on my terms, look and feel like?

I = IN-BETWEEN: In between is where the hard work comes in. No way around this step

The key question here is, “How can work efficiently authentically and “smart?”

P = PLUS: Plus refers to people - the formal & informal support we all need to achieve success.

The key question here is, “Who can I trust to help me reach my goals and find success?

So, how do we inspire and empower kids and adults to be successful? Just FLIP it! Turn your ideas upside-down and watch how things change – with Kika guiding the way. Now that the book is out in the world and I continue to broaden my speaking engagements, I see how valuable a simple tool like The FL!P Approach can be. Feeling so grateful for the opportunity.

Jessica Tudos is an Olympian turned educator, motivational speaker, author and creative Toronto-based mother whose mission is to empower upside-down ninjas everywhere to be more confident and resilient so they can lead active, healthy and creative lives.


Even as a baby, upside down on her mother’s back or in her high chair, Kika loved exploring the world in her own unique way.

Kika the Upside-Down Girl is a must-read by parents and it's cute picture book for young children. Children would be delighted to meet Kika, a girl who has always enjoyed being upside down—even as a baby. A "big kid" like me certainly loved her!

The illustration is beautiful and there are many such wonderful pictures to enjoy throughout the book. As you can see, Kika is a special girl!

Every page in this colorfully illustrated book is a joy to read. It is perfect for young children aged between 4 and 8, and would make a great read-aloud session by parents or guardians for their children or those under their care.

The book carries a positive message to be brave for who you are, not to be afraid to dream and realize your dream. As for parents and guardians, we could all learn from this story to appreciate the children in our lives; to recognize and nurture their talents through the encouragement of their development that is true to themselves.

I read this one so fast (it's a fast-paced little book!) and was sad that it ended so quickly but at the same time cheering for Kika. I highly recommend this fun-filled and exciting little gem!

Book Synopses: Kika always seems to accomplish things differently than others and tends to get into trouble for it. She reminds us that choosing to be different is more than okay, and finding others to join in her upside down adventures makes her heart feel huge - especially when it involves somersaults, vaults, flips and kips! Join Kika, a girl who loves living upside down in a right side up world, on her unique journey to a fliptastic world! Kika reminds us that choosing to be different is more than okay, and finding others to join in her upside down adventures feels fliptastic - especially when it involves somersaults, vaults, flips and kips in the Gymnastics Emporium!


Olympic gymnast turned author, motivational speaker and experiential educator Jessica Tudos ( is on a mission to empower kids, youth and adults to develop the confidence and resiliency required to lead active, healthy and creative lives. In organizations around the world, Jessica empowers audiences through engaging stories, insights and reflections drawn from her upside down life, including her Olympic gymnastics adventures. Jessica is a sought after speaker, facilitator and professor in experiential education, physical literacy, leadership and elite sports.

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Many thanks to Laura Fabiani from iRead Book Tours for sending me a complimentary copy of this book. I'm proud to be a part of this book tour!