Friday, March 13, 2015

My Adventure at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2015, Penang Times Square

It was a MAD HOUSE at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. Today is the first day of the sale at the Penang Times Square. I was confident I could browse in a slow-and-easy manner because a) it's a working day and b) I arrived at 11 AM. Boy, was I wrong! It was absolute madness right from the start! People everywhere. I grabbed the first stray trolley in sight.

The situation at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. The top two pictures were taken at about 11 AM, and the bottom two were taken as I queued for the cashier's at 2:45 PM. I started queuing at THE OTHER side of the building and for about 45 minutes before I reached the "finishing line".

This is THE book sale and THE best time to whip out my Wish List and go crazy. I found lots of goodies that are on my list and more. I also found Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In (for RM8!!!) but because it's currently on its way from Book Depository, I didn't buy it (what a pity and at such an awesome price...). I was disappointed I couldn't find Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner's Think Like a Freak, but then Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, Fast and Slow (see Pile 1) screamed at me so thinking fast I bagged it. That discovery made my day.

Midway through the book hunt, I switched from the overfloweth smaller (blue) trolley to a bigger (red) one. I actually started "building walls" around the smaller trolley and has been successful in piling on the books, but for fear of breaking the handle of that poor guy creaking laboriously under all that weight, I hijacked an abandoned red trolley and transferred every libro (book) into il rosso (the red one). Here are my precioussss...

BBW Pile 1 (lots of Apple-related books and one on the mind of Sherlock Holmes *salivating*)
BBW Pile 2 (I so want to start reading The Ancient Paths now which is about the Celtic Europe)
BBW Pile 3 (with more focus on languages, and only two fiction titles by Danielle Trussoni and José Saramago; am aching to start on Ad Infinitum which is a biography of Latin)

BBW Pile 4 (with focus on my business studies particularly for the current MBA subject on Financial Management; they're introductory and I read them as an "executive summary" to the subject)

Total time spent at the BBW: 5 hours
Total books bought: 45
Total damage: RM395 (US$109 or €98)
Average cost per book: RM8.78 (US$2.44)

There is no way I would be able to buy all these books at the original price without breaking the bank. I will buy in batches under the normal circumstances at the bookstores (and even with discounts of up to 25%, they are still very expensive). Today, almost every title that I wanted is now in my personal library at earth-shattering prices.

Every purchase of RM150 will entitle you to an RM10 book voucher expiring on 23 March 2015. I got two of them, so I will be back for more. I may want to reconsider getting the Irish and Welsh language books...