Saturday, March 07, 2015

Beautiful Coincidences: Pizzica-Pizzica, Tarantella, Puglia

Pizzica-pizzica. I found lots of coincidences in my life, and the tarantella, danced to the folk music of Puglia called pizzica-pizzica happened to be one of them. I first heard it on YouTube about a week ago when I was once again working on a mini translation project for an Italian Facebook group called Adotta Tradotto. I had been meaning to write this post but I was super busy, but better late than never... More about the mini project in the next post!

So here's the YouTube video for your viewing pleasure. It's called Beddu Tambureddu, an excellent cover by Giuliano Gabriele, originally sung by Domenico Modugno (famous for his Volare).

But here's where the coincidence was. I started reading Living in a Foreign Language: A Memoir of Food, Wine, and Love in Italy, by Michael Tucker about three days ago and pizzica-pizzica was mentioned by the author. Here's an excerpt from page 54:
The highlight was an outdoor party at a wonderful inn way out in the country. It was a night of dancing—featuring the tarantella, which is danced to the folk music of Puglia, called pizzica-pizzica. To start the dancing, a young woman with long curly hair, a flowing skirt and bare feet demonstrated the tarantella on the cool stone floor of the patio. She was irresistible. Soon we were all up and dancing on into the night.

The YouTube video was my first introduction to pizzica-pizzica and I was amused by it, actually. And then I bumped into it again in Michael Tucker's book. Coincidence. And I've lived in Puglia for three months last year from mid-June to October. Another coincidence.