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AOLÉON: THE MARTIAN GIRL (Part Three: The Hollow Moon), by Brent LeVasseur


In the center of the Martian megalopolis stood a colossal fortress, a citadel — the newly acquired palace for the Luminon after his army had overthrown the democratically elected government, the Supreme Council of Twelve. The enormous palace, constructed as an architectural tribute to the Luminon’s power, was designed to trigger a feeling of insignificance to any foreign dignitary who might pay the Luminon a visit. Standing more than two miles high, the palace conveyed the essence of power. Near the top of the citadel resided the Luminon’s main throne room with its high-arching ceilings and huge portal windows on every side that presented the Luminon with spectacular views of the entire megalopolis.
In a flash of light, Aoléon and Gilbert phased to the top of the Luminon’s palace, having made the jump directly from her home. Gilbert caught his breath as he fought off the shock of phasing and the disorientation that followed. Viewing the layout of the buildings of the megalopolis from high above, Gilbert could see that the pattern they formed resembled quite closely the center of a sunflower. The megalopolis was designed and arranged in concentric overlapping spiral rings based on phi, the golden ratio, giving him the feeling that the city was somehow a giant living organism, and he was a bumblebee perched on top of its center-most bud.

Part three of the series is action-packed and fun. Let the spying begin! But before that, here are part one review of Aoléon the Martian Girl (Part One: First Contact) and part two The Luminess of Mars. All Aoléon books are illustrated by its author, Brent LeVasseur.

Here's a quick recap of the characters. Gilbert Sullivan lives in a farm in Nebraska and got into a bit trouble with his neighbor Old Farmer Neville Johnson when tracking down a strange phenomenon, which turns out to be Aoléon. Aoléon the Martian Girl is a strange-looking yet beautiful girl with huge blue eyes and turquoise skin.  When both were discovered by old Farmer Johnson, they were mistaken as vandals, and Aoléon escaped with Gilbert in her spacecraft. This marks the beginning of their adventures in Mars together.

Aoléon and Gilbert sliding into the portal. They are about to start their spying!

In part three, the duo sneaks into Luminon's palace using a secret device from Bizwat, the "pizza guy," to deactivate the force field. Here they see and overhear the Luminon leader interrogating a rebel spy. The poor spy succumbs to the torture and spills the secret of who and where the other rebels may be, but the Luminon leader does not spare him as promised. He is killed on the spot. The Luminon's evil plan is to sabotage the process of galactmilk production at Galactworks and invade Terra, Gilbert's planet Earth. From the palace, the duo quickly head to Galactworks with Aoléon leading the way to warn her father about the plan. But did they get there in time?

Lots of action in this one. I can't wait to continue the saga in part four, Illegal Aliens!

Aoléon and her family pet Zoot with Gilbert at Galactworks. They are trying to warn Aoléon's father of the impending sabotage.

"Bizwat is not just any pizza delivery guy — he is part of a super-elite and covert Martian commando unit."

Book Synopses: Spying on the Luminon, Aoléon and Gilbert uncover his plot to steal Earth’s milk cows and make the disturbing discovery that the Martian leader plans to disrupt Mars’s galact supply. The duo races to warn Aoléon’s father, Deimos, a manager at the galactworks, before the Luminon’s saboteur can act.

While still on the run, Aoléon takes her pilot’s exam so she can join the Martian intergalactic exploration fleet. However, during the test-run, something goes horribly wrong. The two are put in a life-threatening situation and only Bizwat, Aoléon’s Procyon commando friend, can save them.

Gilbert finally gets his chance to learn to skyboard, but the lesson turns into a test of skill as he and Aoléon are chased by the Royal Paladin Guard.

Will they survive?

Don't miss this exciting part 3 of 5 of the middle-grade sci-fi series Aoleon The Martian Girl.



Mr. LeVasseur enjoys crafting good stories based on lovable characters designed to translate well to multiple media formats such as books, games, movies, and toys. He lives in New York when he is not commuting between Southern California and Olympus Mons, Mars. His hobbies include writing, 3D animation, musical composition, and intergalactic space travel. He also enjoys various sports such as skiing, running, and exospheric skydiving.

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