Sunday, March 08, 2015

Adotta il Tradotto: Siamo tutti Asinelli

Following last year's Pinocchio translation project, @MarcoPolo_Pinocchio a Gedda (read my blog post), which is an initiative by Maristella Tagliaferro, I am happy to be participating once again this year. This time, it's Siamo tutti Asinelli. Here's an introduction taken directly from Maristella's Facebook post.

Translation of the above in English: The title is mine.

Thanks to Clelia Francalanza for the idea conception and construction, which include the excellent choice of song "
Rinaldo in campo," a masterpiece of Garinei and Giovannini (1961), for the centennial celebration of the Unification of Italy.

Thanks to Deborah Serrentino for the Donkeys of words, Ivonne Barmasse for the donkeys of the Aosta Valley, Roberto Storace and Gabriella McQuaile Carlone for the Irish one and Lucia Lapacciana for the Lucan one. Thanks to all the translators.

Il link della discussion Facebook è questo (This is the discussion link on Facebook). We had fun talking about the donkeys of Puglia and I also posted two photos in the thread. They're so cute!

The donkeys. Gli asinelli.
This one's looking back at me!

Now, back to the translation project... For all Siamo tutti Asinelli-related discussion, you can visit the Facebook event group here. The translations of all Italian dialects and foreign languages of the selected short text can be found here but for now it's a work-in-progress because the deadline for submission is March 15, 2015. I've completed the English and Malay translations! This one's really fun because it's originally in the Sicilian dialect and then Clelia has translated it to Italian so that we could all understand.

The short text for translation

If you are curious about Adotta il Tradotto, you can find out more in this RAI Radio 3 recording (in Italian, of course...).