Saturday, February 21, 2015

Writing My Second MBA Assignment: Mission Accomplished!

Updated: Result obtained - Distinction (A)

Today I finished writing my second MBA assignment for the module Managing Business Strategy (see all related posts here) and submitted it. It is Chinese New Year and I've been lugging my books around with me back home to Kuala Lumpur. The submission deadline is 22 February 2015 but I turned it in one day earlier. Hey, it's Chinese New Year...

I chose Better World Books (BWB) for my strategic analysis. BWB is a global bookstore "that harnesses the power of capitalism to bring literacy and opportunity to people around the world." It is a triple bottom line B Corporation online book seller and social enterprise (check this out). I'm a proud customer since 2008!

It's a meaningful piece of academic work for me because books and reading are subjects that are dear to my heart. Analyzing BWB has been a joy and I learned so much about the company and the good things they are doing for world literacy. Having personally experienced BWB as a customer, this assignment becomes a special one to me.

For this assignment, I did a situation analysis that comprises the internal (SWOT and Seven S Model) and external (Porter's Five Forces). For environmental analysis, I did a PESTEL on BWB. Based on these analyses, I came to the conclusion that BWB is on the right track and is successful in its strategic planning and execution. To ensure its continued success in differentiated strategy, I recommended that the company performs regular annual internal audit and reassess its strategic branding targeting international customers.It may be strong in the US but because it offers a BIG plus in free shipping worldwide, it should consider a more extensive branding exercise outside of the US.  I laid out my specific recommendations in the paper.

I'm now keeping my fingers and toes crossed for good results. Onward to the third module!


UPDATED on 27 February 2015: I received my box of books from Better World Books today, oozing with Italian goodness!

Il vino (wine), Mussolini, Machiavelli, Medici and so many more in this box!

Even my cat, Trio, loves the box!