Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Third MBA Module: Financial Management

I attended the first class of my third MBA module today. The module is Financial Management facilitated by Mr. Pragalathen. The entire session was for the review of financial statements and perfect for me because I have very little background in finance and accounting. I have done some online courses in the past, but it's always good to review.

A screenshot of Mes dossiers (My Folders) of the folder I created for books added for the module Financial Management.

I've also added all the recommended texts for this module into my Scholarvox e-library (*it's not exactly my access but it's another person's but since I've been harping the College about this, they gave me this person's access so...) and have started reading the main text, Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers, by Clive Marsh (Kogan Page).

I'm jumping the gun a little bit but I've finished reading the Case Studies in the recommended text. Cases such as misuse of short-term funds with disastrous consequences, advantages and disadvantages of internal charging, integrating the planning and budgeting process leading to outsourcing, and a few more. There are 16 of them. Very interesting!

I hope I survive this course! 

*I'm not happy about using another person's access and will continue to follow up for my own. I can't believe I cannot get mine. The IPE Coordinator assured me that it is OK to use this access.