Sunday, February 01, 2015


I'm now into second module of my MBA studies. The module I'm studying now is Managing Business Strategy and the facilitator is Dr. Prabakaran.

I've traveled back to Kuala Lumpur for the long weekend and Thaipusam holiday. Since I'm home, I decided to dig into my personal library as I remembered having a few Michael E. Porter books that would be essential for this module. True enough, I found two books by Porter which I bought in 2006 (almost a decade ago!): Competitive Strategy and Competitive Advantage. Now is the time to re-read them...

I also made a mental note to search for a book I really loved—Your MBA with Distinction—which I bought many years ago. I found it in my book pile. My "library stamp" shows that I bought the book in September 2005! When I bought it at Kinokuniya 10 years ago, it was RM123.60; now it is RM292.95 (also at Kinokuniya). I'm so glad I have this in my personal library! As you can probably see from here, my MBA dream started a long time ago. I will share more about this in one of the next posts.

A snapshot of the books from my personal library

My Scholarvox e-Library issue (read post here) is finally being taken care of, so I no longer face the problem of not being able to access the site. Many thanks to the Penang IPE coordinator, Mr. Sri, for listening to my feedback and fixing this problem. I was given another person's login (not mine) but assured that it is OK for me to use it. But since this directive came from the College itself, I will use this login while waiting for mine. I'm still not happy about this because I'm supposed to have my own and it's part of the program feature.

Strategy: Analysis and Practice (2nd edition): The recommended text for the Managing Business Strategy module on Scholarvox.


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