Thursday, February 19, 2015

Monroe's Motivated Sequence AITD Webinar (I was on live!)

I spent the first day of Chinese New Year morning attending an insightful webinar by Roger Courville on Using "Monroe's Motivated Sequence" to Supercharge Your Training. This 1-hour webinar is organized by the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD).

Supercharge Your Training Content
19 February 2015, 1pm - 2pm (AEDT)

All of Roger's webinars were great (I've made it a point to attend most, if not all, of his webinars) because he's such an interesting and energetic speaker, and he always bring a fresh perspective to the world of online or virtual presentation and training.

Today's webinar was special to me because I got the opportunity to walk through with Roger what I've shared—LIVE during the webinar! I was very excited to be a live case study and my first time in such a setting. I was elated. I hope I made sense to the participants. Many thanks to Roger Courville, Elizabeth Robinson CEO of AITD and Shobit Khanna of Citrix!

I'm also happy to know that I did well in the first draft and during the webinar Roger said he didn't edit it all. This demonstrated the point that the technique is easy and transferable. It truly is because I've never heard of this technique prior to this webinar, and with only Roger's introduction during our online meeting 1.5 days before today's session, I managed to "nail" it. It was his 6 AM and my 10 PM. I completed this draft within 1.5 hours and emailed it back to him on the same night of our meeting. It was indeed a pleasure speaking to Roger, and yes, we did talk about my love for Italy, and he has many geeky talents!