Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Writing My First MBA Assignment: Mission Accomplished!

Updated: Result obtained - Distinction (A)

Today I finished writing my first MBA assignment for the module Leading Organisation and submitted it. Just in time to end 2014 and start 2015 in an awesome way! The submission deadline is 4 January 2015 but there's no harm in turning it in earlier. Here's a quick recap of my many late nights and lots of reading in the past few weeks.

How I Approached It
The first thing I did when the assignment question was uploaded into the TEAMIE student portal was I downloaded it (obviously!), and then I reread it and reread it and I think I reread it many times. Because I was required to write the case study (instead of the usual read-the-case-study-and-answer), I had to digest the question for quite a bit. This is my first module and was a bit rusty in academic writing. Fortunately, there was an academic writing class (AWC) for newbies like me, I had the opportunity to review the assignment paper with the AWC facilitator, Dato' Dr. Anthony E. Sibert (read my post).

After the review, I started highlighting the major parts of the question which corresponded with the major issues such as change management and leadership needs.

Besides reviewing with the Dr. Sibert using the assignment question as a real case study of academic writing, our module facilitator, Dr. Quah HS, also guided us on how to set it out and build our case. In lecture classes, Dr. Quah has helped us in our brainstorming and clarifying on the requirements of the assignment. 

Looking  Up Sources
I gathered all my resources, both online and books from my personal library, dig right in into the specific areas I highlighted. Those areas were identified as change management and leadership styles. I did try to use the Olympia library but it's not to my liking. The ScholarVox e-Library is still not working, but I won't let all these stop me from working on my studies. So after building my case around the key areas and analyzed them with the relevant theories, I started to write my 4,000-word paper.

I'm now keeping my fingers and toes crossed for good results!


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