Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Teaser Tuesday and Book Review: SANDOKAN by Emilio Salgari

Happy Tuesday, everyone! For this week's Teaser Tuesday, I would once again like to pick Sandokan: The Pirates of Malaysia by Emilio Salgari but quoting from the Malay edition (ISBN: 9879830685335). First the teaser followed by my English translation of the selected text, and finally the book review.

Semalam di Penjara

Jeritan dan raungan lelaki Cina di perkampungan Cina mempunyai kesan sama seperti gong yang dipalu di jalan-jalan di Kanton ataupun di Peking. Dalam sekelip mata, kira-kira dua ratus orang Cina yang lengkap bersenjatakan batang buluh, pisau, batu dan payung berkumpul di hadapan kedai makan itu, menjerit dan memaki dengan sekuat suara.

My English translation:
A Night in the Jail

The shouts and screams of the Chinese man in the Chinese village has the same effect of gong being beaten on the streets of Canton or Peking. In the blink of an eye, about two hundred Chinese complete with weapons of bamboo, knives, stones, and umbrellas gathered in front of the restaurant, shouting and cursing loudly.

My Book Review:
First thing first... how did I come to know about Sandokan? Here's the full story. I decided to read the Malay translation of the Italian novel (yes, it's written by an Italian!) when it was introduced to me by an Italian friend from Venice.

I have totally enjoyed the book. I am usually not fond of pirates but this time I am seeing things from another point of view and that is from the pirates'. In this story, the fearful Sandokan, known as Harimau Malaysia (Tiger of Malaysia) is a famous and powerful pirate, and leader of the Mompracem pack. Together with his good friend, a Portuguese man named Yanez de Gomera, they set out to rescue the ill-fated Tremal-Naik. Tremal-Naik was framed for something he did not do and was exiled and imprisoned. Kammamuri, the servant of Tremal-Naik, when captured by Sandokan gains the pirate's admiration for his bravery in fighting like a hero. Sandokan decided to spare him and soon finds out about his problem and decides to help him. They are now up against the powerful James Brooke, king of Sarawak, who abhors pirates and makes it his mission to kill each and everyone of them.

The novel has a great plot and is exciting to read. I cannot stop reading and the pages kept flipping because I needed to know what would happen next. The Malay translation by Zaleha Abidin is well done. Apart from the few typos and errors in the book, everything is great!

Here's what my Italian friend, Clelia F., said about Sandokan and its creator Emilio Salgari:
Per me Sandokan è il pirata-principe-tigre della Malesia di Salgari, scrittore di libri per ragazzi che pur non essendo un viaggiatore aveva tanta fantasia da sfiorare la realtà, compreso il nome "quasi-vero" a questo punto del suo personaggio-clou.
In English: For me Sandokan is the pirate-prince-Tiger of Malaysia created by Salgari, a writer of children's books who although had not been a traveler he had a lot of imagination to touch reality, including the "quasi-real" name.

It is a wonderful thing that I found out about a famous character written by an Italian author with a story set in Sarawak, Malaysia, through my Italian friends.

Buy from: Amazon.com (English) | IBS.it (Italian) | ITNM (Malay) | FREE Excerpt (up to Chapter 3)

Let's take a look at the video clips of Sandokan (in Italian, of course). Thank you, Maristella Tagliaferro, for sending me the video link!


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