Friday, December 05, 2014

I Need a Good Run...

I really want to get back to running as I feel that my body has started “clogging up” and “slowing down”. Mentally I’m not as sharp as before and I tire too easily. I also have so many interests I want to pursue all at the same time. Such as,

I want to read on the Italian Renaissance, so I bought a few used books from

I want to read about the life of Pablo Neruda and his poems, so I bought a few books from (again!).

I want to read on the Romance languages and continue to brush up on my Italian and pursue new languages at the same time. Spanish, Portuguese, French

I want to watch all the Italian movies and listen to all the audiobooks in my collection.

So many things I want do, but so little time.

And now that I’ve embarked on an MBA journey, I will have assignments and lessons to deal with. What that means is the stuff above that I wanted to do will be receiving less time and attention than I originally intended to dedicate for them. However, my MBA is a “necessary evil” and one that I must accomplish to attain my bigger goal, and that is to live in Italy. So…

I will go for that run.  I will start. I hope that with a clearer mind (after the runs and oxygen rush), I will hone straight in on the important and the urgent. I will have plenty of time to dive into and live in the interesting stuff once the chief goal is attained. Short-term pain for long-term gain. I can deal with this. I only need to pluck myself off my bed in the morning.

Meanwhile, in order not to deprive myself of life's little enjoyments, I will continue to “snack” on Rinascita (Renaissance), Neruda’s poems, the Italian language. Finding ways to creatively build all these smaller pieces into the big picture i.e. my MBA is a good start (at least for now until I could dedicate myself fully to them).


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