Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hunting for MAKING SENSE OF CHANGE MANAGEMENT, by Esther Cameron and Mike Green

Making Sense of Change Management by Esther Cameron and Mike Green is a required reading in the MBA module I'm currently taking (read Today is My First MBA Class).

After consulting local bookstores such as Kinokuniya and Borders, and being told that the book is out of stock, I have decided to just go ahead and buy the Kindle edition from I've also explored the possibility of buying used from my usual online booksellers, but no such luck because it's either too expensive or they don't carry the title. I could certainly borrow from the College library or read it there, but I'm a person who likes to doodle stuff and jot down thoughts, so that would not be so nice and kind to the book, which is a property of the library.  

(I only "deface" my non-fiction or reference books; it's interesting to see, a few years down the road, the stuff and thoughts you've had back then... You know, the way your thinking has progressed or regressed...)

I've been researching this book for a more than two weeks now, and convinced that the Scholarvox e-Library may not be functioning at all, I decided that I've waited long enough. I've looked at the contents of this book (Amazon's "Look Inside" function is my favorite online browsing weapon) and having reviewed its list of contents, introduction, and part of the first chapter, I felt Making Sense of Change Management is a book worth keeping in my personal (digital) library. I'm also a book collector (or hoarder), so this is a perfect exercise for me. One more book for the collection!


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