Monday, November 17, 2014

Today is My First MBA Class!

I attended my first MBA class today. The module is Leading Organisation (also known as Organizational Behavior - OB) facilitated by Dr. Quah HS. Today's session was on Individual Change. Desire drives change in a person and I can relate to that without a doubt.

I particularly like the section on learning styles (the pragmatist, the activist, the theorist, and the reflector). I think I'm a combination of all four, but the dominant one is the pragmatist. Why? Because The Pragmatist will like:

1) practical things to do
2) producing action plans
3) experimenting
4) applying new learning
5) being given a project to get on with

That sounds just like me with my language projects, especially with Italian. I always give myself stuff to do...

Dr. Quah talked about a few theories related to change. One can't escape theories in OB. He engaged us in talking and to talk about Apple's Steve Jobs, Air Asia's Tony Fernandes, President Obama and his predecessors, etc. Very interesting! Class ended at 9:50 PM. Looking forward to next week!

My observation: During class (there were only five of us), Dr. Quah asked the students who have taken previous modules some questions. For example: What have you learned in the Human Capital module about this in relation to leading organization? Do you know this from the previous module? Or from finance? I wonder what was taught or what have the students learned in the other modules because apparently they don't know anything about anything from the previous ones they've completed. The looks were... I can't believe what I saw... blank. So what is it that people have learned or gained from the previous modules?  

The question to myself: Have I signed up for the wrong MBA program?


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