Saturday, November 01, 2014

I'm going back to (MBA) school!

My life is about to get more interesting as I embark on my MBA journey. I'm going back to school! (And then graduating in Paris, France!)

The semester will start in the middle of November and the induction on the coming Saturday. The timing is perfect as I've just returned from my one-week trip in Australia.

I'm glad that my Italian self-study has stabilised and I will continue to reinforce my mastery of the language through reading of books and magazines related to my MBA studies IN Italian.

What this potentially means, too, is that I will not be studying Spanish as intensely as I first planned to, but I will still do my best. In writing my Personal Statement for the application to the MBA program a few weeks ago, I realised more than ever the need for prioritisation toward achieving my long-term career goals. These goals will be key for my achieving of my personal goals to ultimately realise my dream to live in Italy. Therefore, the start time now is perfect, apart from the fact that I fit in nicely with the demographics of an MBA student (being in my late thirties, a successful manager, etc.).

I'm looking forward to sharing my learning experience with all of you!


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