Sunday, November 16, 2014

European Union Film Festival (EUFF) Movie Marathon (Part 2)

My European Union Film Festival movie marathon ended today. I've watched six movies: one on Friday, three on Saturday, and two today, covering films from Italy, Denmark (2), Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland. I've listened to German, Danish, French, and Czech, and they're all so beautiful. I love the way they sound!

Julia's Disappearance is an interesting movie and as described by the synopsis, it is a comedy about aging. Something went wrong with the screening in the cinema so the movie was rebooted and that took up an extra 15 minutes or so to the overall screening. I don't mind one bit because I got to listen to the language all over again. I don't mind repetition... Of all the EUFF movies that I've watched, this is the least intense but still very good.

A Royal Affair suffered the same fate of "blacked-out screen" incidents as what happened yesterday with The Hunt because of some sexy adult scenes between Johann Struensee (Mads Mikkelsen) and Queen Caroline Mathilda (Alicia Vikander). Now, THIS one is intense. Love is indeed dangerous. Everything changes the moment you fall in love.


A story about the dramatic love affair and political aspirations of Queen Caroline Mathilda and Johann Struensee, physician to the deranged King Christian VII of Denmark. Caroline and Johann dream of a better world for the populace, and through Johann's influence on the King's governance, the power of the aristocracy is diminished and reforms introduced. But it is only a matter of time before the courtiers regain a hold on their King.

Language: Danish


A comedy about age, youth and other eternities. On her 50th birthday, of all things, Giulia has to experience first hand that old age renders you invisible. Retail therapy ostensibly helps, but then she meets a stranger with whom she prefers to spend the evening more than with her friends. They are waiting in a restaurant reflecting energetically on the increasing number of their annual growth rings. Jessica and Fatima are shopping also, though admittedly in their own special way. Meanwhile,on her 80th birthday, Léonie rebels against her daughter and old age and gleefully sabotages her own birthday party.

Language: German


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