Thursday, August 21, 2014

On Arranged Marriage and Love

Nearly three decades after their arranged marriage, Mira Jacob's parents did the one thing she never saw coming. They fell in love.

I didn't hesitate in buying Mira Jacob's debut novel, The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing following a captivating read of her article, ABOUT TIME. The article (not the book) is about her parent's arranged marriage (they did fall in love after 30 years!) and how her parents' relationship shaped her own.

Before I talk about the book (in tomorrow's Friday Finds), I'd love to share more about this article. I found this gem in the July edition of Vogue US. As I sat on my throne (a.k.a the loo), flipping through the pages on my iPad trying to catch up on mag backlogs, the intro (or kicker) and the author's beautiful smile caught my attention. I knew I had to read it.

It flows so smoothly—the author articulating beautifully the way her parents behave around each other and their sudden change of behavior—that I couldn't stop reading even if I tried hard. I'm over simplifying things here but this is one emotional read that brought tears to my eyes.

I love her parting words. Read this...

By then I knew that committing to each other would not mean that I never felt scared again, or even that I was permanently safe from heartbreak. But it would mean that for as long as we were together, I would be part of something larger than myself. And I felt thankful then—truly thankful that my parents had found each other, and given me a different idea of what marriage could be, after nearly 30 years of living coolly side by side.


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