Friday, August 08, 2014

My Latest Book Acquisitions in Italy

I was once again on a book hunting mission and so made a very random decision to go to Bari to satisfy my bookish cravings. This was my second trip to the same bookstore, la Feltrinelli.

I was here! la Feltrinelli in Bari, Puglia, Italy.
Address: Via Melo 119, 70121 Bari BA
Telephone: +39.080.5207511

My babies...
Here are the goodies I bought. In this batch, my focus is on business Italian but I took a slightly different approach in sourcing for my books. Using the same logic in my previous post, I went for books for Italian learners of English. I will require a good level of Italian as explanation is done in the language. These books have practical examples of communication in Italian and English for business writing (email, fax and letter) and for office including the telephone. PRACTICAL is what I need!

I also threw in a Latin dictionary because I'm pursuing it on the sideline. After all, Italian originated from Latin so I must give it some attention!


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