Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to Use a Mind Map to Improve Your Vocabulary

I found a very useful article while browsing through my Facebook newsfeed. This article is about using mind mapping to improve your vocabulary (check it out here) and I immediately thought about implementing it for my Italian language self-study.

Source: Italki.com

Mind maps are not new to me but the concept of using it to improve my vocabulary is very interesting indeed. I am currently looking for a mind map tool on iPad and can't wait to begin mind mapping verbs (see excerpt below).

Memorize the different forms of a verb. An example is “to write” (which you should write in the circle). Then, connect lines to different forms of the verb “to write”: “write,” “writing” (present-tense verb), “written,” “wrote,” “writing” (as a noun).

I also foresee a regular weekly section for my blog coming up soon showcasing my mind maps on Italian verbs (or for other future foreign languages for the matter). Stay tuned!

Do you mind-map? What apps are you using? Please share them!


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