Saturday, August 23, 2014

Southern Italy Bookshop Series: Libreria L'Agorà in Ruvo di Puglia

Look what I found today! Libreria L'Agorà, a cute bookshop in Ruvo di Puglia. Ruvo is a town and comune in the province of Bari, Puglia, Italy. Come with me now and into the bookshop we go...

Welcome to Libreria L'Agorà! I loved that two olive green chairs outside.
(Address: Bottega delle Nuvola, Corso Cavour, 46, 70037 Ruvo di Puglia, BA.
Telephone: +39 080 3620943)

It has a surprisingly good collection of books.

Looking out toward the entrance...

Oh look, an awesome Italian edition of the equally awesome George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones!

A condensed version of George Orwell's 1984. I promised myself not to go crazy and buy a luggage full of books this time (unlike last year in Rome, which I did go crazy and bought a luggage full of books).

Libreria Agora sell used books too. "Ci sono anche i libri usati?" (There are used books too?) I asked. The owner replied, "Si, ma solo i libri scolastici..." (Yes, but only school books...)

The best part of the visit to this bookshop is I found something I was looking for: The Castel del Monte book (€5)! Do check out my post on the beautiful castle here.


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