Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Few of My Personal Projects

Vacationing in Italy has clarified and also revealed a few things to me. Here are my thoughts and stuff that I would like to implement immediately in September when I return from vacation.

Never taking home Wi-Fi for granted again. My study plan (with Coursera) and language learning (with Babbel) have been seriously impeded because there is no Wi-Fi in the apartment I'm staying. I don't use my Internet mobile data for this purpose because it is costly. I've reloaded more than 100 for phone credit with mobile Internet. There is one coffee bar nearby with Wi-Fi connection, which I go to quite often. But, it is just not the culture to hang around WITH laptop, iPad, iPhone (i.e. DON'T BE 'ANTISOCIAL'), unlike for example, in Starbucks back home. Everybody here (in Italy) is hanging out with friends chatting away furiously with their hand gestures and loud chats, which brings me to...

My learning plan for the remaining 2014. I'm going to focus on data analysis and for that I've signed up for three data analysis-related courses on Coursera. More about this here. I can't wait to have regular Wi-Fi connection back home to "normalize" and begin my routine once again.

Reorganize my wardrobe. I will be buying a few very affordable and chic DIY shelves to reorg my jeans, t-shirts and knitwear. It is currently a "jungle" and I can't see everything I have. So messy!

Create a home cleaning kit. Having stayed with an Italian family taught me a lot of about housekeeping. I'm now obsessed with cleaning the kitchen stove. My housekeeping kit will contain gloves, cleaning cloths for various parts of the house (kitchen, toilets), cleaning liquid, hard broom, sponge, etc. I can't wait to get started. I usually get domestic help from the janitors working in my apartment in Penang, but this time I will do the cleaning myself!

RM5 Daiso Project. I also foresee myself spending lots of time buying containers, hooks, adhesive, etc. from the RM5 Daiso shop for my reorg project.

Sign up at the gym. I'm still thinking about this one. I have been working out at home for the last four years in my Penang apartment but ever since I adopted Trio, my cat, she has affected the way I workout. By joining the gym, I will be doing what I was doing before relocating to Penang: workout after office, shower and then head home fresh. I could play with her and then retire for the day either reading or studying before going to bed. Sounds like a good plan to me...