Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Book Spotlight: To Sleep...Pe​rchance to Die, by Donald R. Grippo

It's been a while since I last participated in a Book Tour, and here I am now getting started once again! To kick-start, I'm doing a Book Spotlight for author Donald R. Grippo's new novel, To Sleep…Perchance to Die. Tomorrow, you will have the opportunity to find out more through an Author Interview, so stay tuned!

Eurasian beauty Mai Faca plots to marry Jake Warden, a successful oral surgeon forbidden to her because of family honor. In an unheard-of scheme, fellow oral surgeon, Bret Manley, falls victim to Mai's seduction as she and Jake play a cruel trick to be together. Jake acts with surgical precision to clear the path to Mai's happiness, threatening lives including his own. In a wake of turmoil and destruction, Bret's uncle and well-known criminal attorney, Hubie Santos, attempts to find out if a surgeon would use his knowledge to kill.

Book Title: To Sleep...Perchance to Die by Donald R. Grippo
Adult fiction, 232 pages
Medical thriller / murder mystery
Turn the Page Publishing
June 2013 Hardcover, June 2014 Softcover
Available in:
Print and e-book (mobi for Kindle & ePub)
Content Rating:

Donald R. Grippo, DDS practiced oral and maxillofacial surgery in northeastern Connecticut for more than thirty years. On a daily basis, he encountered patient's fear of undergoing oral surgery and associated anesthesia. To help allay such fear he wrote A Guide to the Guy or Gal Who Takes Your Teeth Out, a series of short stories dealing with the treatment of typical oral surgical problems. His resume includes working as a dentist at the Tennessee State Prison outside of Nashville and as a guard at the Hartford State Jail on Syms Street in Hartford.

Twitter: @DonaldGrippo

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