Sunday, May 18, 2014

Reading Foreign Magazines to Learn a Language

Another fun way to learn a foreign language and reinforce the ones I've already mastered (yes, including continuous improvement in English) is to indulge in some leisure reading. No problem for me because I LOVE READING. Amo leggere!

One of the examples of leisure reading is reading magazines—in the target language, and this is what this post is about. Although I'm not one to indulge in fashion, I do like reading about it. I transfer that interest to reading it in Italian and now I've added French, as well. So, what do I do to satisfy this need?

The procurement and reading of foreign magazines can be an expensive hobby, not to mention the storage space they eventually take up. BUT, I have the excellent solution to this problem: It's very affordable to subscribe to all my favorite titles (Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamour, etc. of the US, Italy and France editions). The magazines arrive very much in advance (I'm now reading the June issues—see pic below). Free from clutter—no problem with storage or magazines piling up and taking over sanity (but there is a need to *watch out for the space usage on the devices)...

Here are some of the latest issues (June 2014) in my Zinio Library.

I find this an awesome resource for enjoying a foreign language (or a few!) that I'm tinkering with and for indulging in the fruit of my labor.

*I do have a routine for managing my e-magazines. I systematically download, read and remove them after reading. Mags that have been removed from the active list are still retrievable (just like Kindle), so don't fret about losing them. [Zinio FAQs]

Do you read online magazines? What platform or app do you use?


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