Friday, May 16, 2014

New Arrival: CORRECT YOUR ITALIAN BLUNDERS, by Marcel Danesi

This came in the mail today! My order from BetterWorldBooks has arrived and look what I've got here... It's Correct Your Italian Blunders by Marcel Danesi.

From the Introduction:
The purpose of the book is to identify the most common errors for English-speaking students of Italian, to provide a basis for understanding why they typically arise, and to offer guidance for avoiding them in the future.

The author also pointed out that this is not a complete book of Italian grammar, but is designed to help readers (students of Italian) avoid the blunders and improve proficiency. Although it states that readers will get a synthetic overview of Italian grammar and its intricacies, I would say you'd probably appreciate this book more if you already have a working knowledge of Italian grammar and so be able to enrich your knowledge of the same.

Since this is a used book ordered from one of my favorite online booksellers, it's a copy from the Calgary Public Library (March 2007) and/or Crowfoot Library (a CPL branch). Here's another awesome addition to my personal library of foreign languages (and reading while taking the public bus to work)!

How I came to know about this book: Some weeks ago, I bought a brand new copy for French at Kinokuniya Kuala Lumpur. I decided to source for the Italian edition for my personal library (and revision) and it seemed to be out of print, so I scouted around and bought used instead. I love it when I receive a book that was once a library book!


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