Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Je suis une étudiante | I'm a student

Today, I spent the entire day studying French at home. It's a public holiday, that's why I'm home!

Five more lessons to go to complete this module. HURRAH!

I found that French is a lot easier to grasp if I study using Babbel.com first and then progress to studying with books, because:
  1. I can hear the words and know how they sound like.
  2. I can build on the basics and then this stuff doesn't look so strange (or foreign) anymore in the books.
  3. The lessons are really easy to follow and logical.
It's interesting to note that I automatically think in Italian and its equivalent translation comes to mind. For example, when l'addition (the bill) comes along, I immediately thought il conto in Italian. When I type an answer, I automatically inserted an Italian word instead of French. For example,in the case of "one beer" I auto-piloted UNA birra instead of UNE bière.

Having a working knowledge of Italian grammar really helps too in studying French. Because of this I didn't have to spend a significant amount of time mastering the grammatical aspect of the language, but only need to focus more on vocabulary and some of the French peculiarities. Yes, the sexy language is still pretty much a peculiar thing to me...

I've just completed lesson 17 of the Beginner's Course 1 with five more to go to complete this module. Happy studying!