Tuesday, May 13, 2014

French: Beginner's Course 1 on Babbel.com [COMPLETED!]

My certificate for the 22-lesson Beginner's Course 1.

I'm happy to announce I've completed Beginner's Course 1 on Babbel.com and for now, I'll take a rest and read something light such as Deborah Harkness's Shadow of Night in anticipation of and before the arrival of her new book, The Book of Life. It will be released in July! I'm torn between A Clash of Kings (second novel in A Song of Ice and Fire series) and Shadow of Night. I'll decide very soon!

From my French study, the area I need to pay more attention to is numbers from 1 to 99. While I don't have trouble with numbers up to 70, the challenge begins from that point because it gets quite mathematical and the pronunciation isn't exactly easy. My brain needs to do several things at one go: process some equations, recall the vocabulary, and spout the correct pronunciation. But I'll conquer.