Friday, April 04, 2014

New Arrival: FLUENT IN 3 MONTHS by Benny Lewis

Look what came in the mail today: it's Benny Lewis' very new book, FLUENT IN 3 MONTHS! The timing is perfect. I could finish this book over the weekend and start my Project Polyglot on Monday. Or even this Sunday night.

I was just talking about tackling one foreign language every three months in my previous post and the book arrived. I can't wait to dig in and check out what Benny has to offer. Some of the topics are...

  • Destroying twenty common language-learning myths
  • How to learn thousands of words quickly
  • Immersion without being in a foreign country to learn the language
  • Speaking from day one
  • Tips for starting specific languages

... And heaps more.

I bumped into Benny by accident about a year ago and it was a good accident that I stumbled upon his website. He gives lots of great ideas, and my reading of his posts also reaffirmed that the way I've been self-learning a language is good (as in the methods) because most of them resonated with his!

So with confidence I bought Benny's book so that I could include it into my personal library, and also as a show of support to him for his passion.

Sharing more soon when I'm done with the book. Be right back! Meanwhile, do check out