Saturday, February 15, 2014

Being Nicholas Cage: Breaking the Power of Fear

"There is always an element of fear, but is the fear itself that makes me want to face it. Because I have to break its power, which means I have to immerse myself in the very thing that scares me, so it loses its hold over me." ―NICHOLAS CAGE

A snapshot from The Red Bulletin

The latest issue of The Red Bulletin (March 2014) came through my Zinio online magazine subscription. To my delight, Nicholas Cage is featured in an interview with the magazine. It's so full of quotables I feel I must share one of them with you here. It's about dealing with fear.

Most of the time I don't feel like facing my demons. I groan involuntarily if I need to take some actions that require me to come out of my comfort zone, but it is precisely these type of situations that build me into the person I am today. A better person. And strangely calm after that. Just like how when filming the movie Joe, Cage picked up a cottonmouth viper with his bare hands as a way to handle his anxiety while filming a complicated scene.

While I may not be doing something so crazy, the idea is the same. Do something that will work for you in combating that fear. Face it head on. Don't run away from it because no matter how you run, the monster will catch up with you. Which brings me to Inferno, the latest Robert Langdon story by Dan Brown. Langdon, too, faces his fears and problems, and they are very complicated ones!

Cage is weird in his own ways and he's been an angel, alcoholic, sorcerer, soldier and so many other parts I found fascinating. I love fantasies, sci-fi and paranormal, so when he talks I listen.

If you could get your hands on a copy of the magazine, do check out the Cage interview. I'm lucky to get the issues for free.


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