Saturday, January 04, 2014

Alice Reviews: LE FURBIZIE DI LEPRE by Pap Kan

I began my A Year of Reading the World challenge by reading Le furbizie di Lepre, a 71-page book by Pap Kan (in Italian) and illustrated by Nat Clem. It's an African fable and I liked it!

It's an interesting story that begins with how The Hare gets his looks: the long ears, his elongated lower paws, and super-short tail. The humans are to be blamed! To seek healing, he goes to the powerful Nonna Fata who is a witch and clairvoyant. He is given two options by Nonna Fata and he chooses one. To repay her, he has to get several items from each animal such as the elephant, the whale, the lion and a few others. So, what exactly is The Hare required to do and how does he obtain these extremely challenging items? What happens next?

I admire his cleverness and cunningness in thinking through and executing his plans. To find out, please read the book, but it's in Italian. The illustrations are lovely, too. We can certainly learn from The Hare's resourcefulness!

Here's a glimpse into the opening chapter of the book, L'uomo, amico o nemico di Lepre?
Due fratelli non vedono l'ora che arrivi il loro padre per annunciarli la nuova notizia: "Padre, abbiamo riportato un nuovo amico dalla savana".

"Un nuovo amico? Bello!" dice il padre avvicinandosi a loro e si accorge di Lepre, poi scoppia a ridere ed esclama: "È questo che chiamate amico? Cari figli indubbiamente non lo sapete, ma qui avete a che fare con il più furbo degli animali del bosco. Fate attenzione, altrimenti prenderete delle belle fregature! Intanto chiudiamolo dentro al granaio così ingrasserà velocemente e poi vedremo cosa farci".

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