Monday, November 04, 2013

Mailbox Monday

It's Monday once again and also a public holiday! I went to a book sale with my mom and here are the books I bought. My mom bought a few recipe books.

The total "damage" is RM50 (approximately US$15).

The Open Road by Pico Iyer.
Book jacket: [...] Moving from Dharamsala—the seat of the Tibetan government-in-exile—to Lhasa, Tibet, to venues in the West, where the Dalai Lama's pragmatism, rigor, and scholarship sometimes lost on an audience yearning for mystical visions, The Open Road illuminates the hidden life, the transforming ideas, and the daily challenges of a global icon.

Vietnam: A War Lost and Won by Nigel Cawthorne.
Back cover: Vietnam was the longest war in American history. US ground troops and their Australian, New Zealand and Korean allies were committed there for eight long years. In all, the American commitment in Southeast Asia lasted 15 years. During that time over 46,000 US servicemen died in battle. The Australian and New Zealand troops who fought there lost 496 dead and 2,398 wounded. But these figures pale beside Vietnamese losses, which totalled over a million. 

The Life and Works of Leonardo da Vinci by Rosalind Ormiston.
Back cover: An expert and comprehensive new reference book on the life and works of influential artist, engineer, inventor and scientist Leonardo da Vinci. Offers vivid and lively exploration of the artist's personal life, travels, artistic influences and historical context in Renaissance Italy. Surveys Leonardo's significant works including his magnificent paintings and inventions as well as his many fascinating notebooks. Explores the artist's legacy and the great influence he had on the diverse fields of art, science and engineering. Beautifully illustrated with 500 outstanding images. 

And the last book below was bought at another bookstore yesterday. At this bookstore, I had wanted to buy the Leonardo da Vinci book, but it was not available so you see, I'm happy to see Leonardo at the book sale today! 

The Life and Works of Michelangelo by Rosalind Ormiston.
Back cover: An impressive new reference book on the life and works of Michelangelo Buonarroti—sculptor, painter, architect and poet. Includes a fascinating exploration of the artist's life, and the role he played in the Italian Renaissance—a unique period in art history. With a comprehensive gallery of the works of Michelangelo, including sketches, paintings, sculptures, frescoes and architecture. Explores the artist's legacy and the great influence he had on European art. Beautifully illustrated with 500 stunning images.



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