Friday, November 01, 2013

Alice Travels: To the National Library of Rome

An idea to visit libraries while in Italy suddenly struck me and I began working on the search. What I found is—thank you, Wikipedia!—there are several libraries and I zoomed in to the Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma (National Central Library of Rome). It is one of the two national libraries of Italy. The other one is in Florence, which I may visit if I have the time while in Pisa for the Pisa Book Festival. For a regular dose of my travel updates, please follow my Facebook page at The Weekend Traveler.

Rome is my “base” and the Stazione Termini will be my “traveling hub”, so I use the main train station as my starting point. I was trying to determine the distance and to my delight it is only approximately 700m away. How awesome is that?

I mapped out the location of the National Central Library of Rome from Stazione Termini.

There is an Italo Calvino exhibition at the national library and I hope it's still ongoing. I’m seeking clarification from them to check if the exhibition will run until January 31, 2014 as indicated on their website.

The Exhibition launched on October 25.
Everything just sort of fall into place when you know what you’re looking for, and they seem to complement one another. For example, this. I was looking for a list of libraries in Rome and found the Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma; I am currently reading Italo Calvino and the national library is hosting an exhibition of the author. Again, how awesome is that?

How about you? Do you visit the libraries when you are on vacation?


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