Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Alice Travels: To Pisa by Train

A few days ago I wrote about my intended visit to the Pisa Book Festival (click here for the story) and that I would be traveling from Rome (my "base") to Pisa by train. For a regular dose of my travel updates, please follow my Facebook page at The Weekend Traveler.

I had been attempting to make my online reservations with Trenitalia since last Friday but was not able to complete the transaction. A few things happened. One, the website seemed to be undergoing some sort of maintenance and I couldn’t complete the search without glitches. I was at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at that time. Two, when I finally managed to get to the part to make payment, the transaction hung. I gave it a rest for two days, tried again today and it worked! I now have my e-tickets.

What I discovered though is that I need to register online in order to purchase a regional train ticket, but since I don’t have an address in Italy, registering online is not possible. So I bought the direct Intercity and FrecciaBianca train rides for €64 per andata e ritorno (return). I have a sort of weird fascination for trains and it is one of my dreams to take a train ride whenever I travel (more so in Italy). So again, the Pisa Book Festival presented me with a wonderful opportunity to do so.

So, yes… I’m all set to go to Pisa!


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